Where freelancers gather to build thriving businesses on their own terms

 And have a whole lotta fun in the process!

With 50% of the workforce expected to be freelance by 2027—are you ready?

#FREECONnation was born in the spirit of those who dream of creating an amazing life, embracing their purpose and loving the work they do.

Since 2014 we’ve been creating events that help remove the isolation for freelancers without losing your independence. Each event is a safe space for one-person-business owners to grow, discover resources to earn more money in less time and meet new peers to connect with.

#FREECONnation allows you to choose events that work for you! From webinars, a local Freelance Business Week  in a city near you, an in-person business conference or a massive celebration at the Freelancers Choice Awards gala.


We are one of a kind. We are individuals. We are powerful… Together, we ARE unstoppable.

You have found your people. Each event is designed by a community of passionate, business-minded freelance business owners like yourself. Each one having a deeper knowledge about a particular challenge they’ve grown through. 

Experience some of the brightest minds with actionable items every month. 



Staying ahead of the curve has never been easier…

The Freelance Conference

aka #FREECON, is no ordinary conference or gathering of people … It’s all about your freelance business! Build strategic partners, connecting with peers to brainstorm innovative solutions, and friends that understand the ups and downs of a one-person business owner.

Freelance Business Week

#FBW is designed and organized by local freelance business owners … we know how having community and collaboration can catapult your business, #FBW is where you will be with your tribe. Break out of your comfort zone, engage with your peers and watch your freelance business grow.

Freelancers Choice Awards

We all work alone, let’s celebrate our successes and honor our peers that go above and beyond. #FCA was inspired by the giving and compassionate spirit Aaron Bramley had for his freelance peers, these awards are given out in remembrance of him and the legacy he left behind in all of us.

Freelancers National Holiday

As of April 2021, the third week of April is now designated to be National Freelance Business Week.  This week will be dedicated to supporting the work local freelance leaders so in their local city to build a more engaged community. What’s happening in your city during #NFBW? 

If you’re allergic to fluorescent lighting, cubicles, and time clocks… you toss and turn at night dreaming of (or thanking your lucky stars for) the ability to control your own career, schedule, and life…

You are in the right place!

APRIL 18-21, 2022



The Freelancers Choice Awards are back after a brief hiatus (thank you, COVID). We’re excited to recognize and honor the best in the freelance industry. Let’s get together and…

Celebrate Greatness!




There's A Lot Being Created Here for Your Business!

Seriously a lot! We've already launched our first webinar series, revamped the entire website and we're currently planning National Freelance Business Week and #FREECON2022! 

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