Are you tired of the “feast or famine cycle?”

Wouldn’t your life be better if you had more control over your freelance business?

And would having better clients with bigger budgets relieve some of the stress of freelancing? 

If you answered yes, to any (or all) of those questions, you should know that all that IS possible.

There’s no magic involved – it just takes effort and persistence to build your dream business without the marketing nightmares. 

Easier said than done, I know, because you still must decide which marketing tools to use and how to use them.

And that’s exactly what I’ll be revealing in my session, The Simplest Marketing Plan for Freelancers, at the Freelancer Conference in October. 

If you get queasy even thinking about how to market yourself and your services, my session is designed for you!

Here’s a little preview of what you’ll learn during my session at #FREECON19: 


#1: Marketing Works When You Focus

It helps to know exactly who you’re looking for, that is: your target markets. Note the plural: market(s). You can explore 1, 2 or 3 markets but I suggest no more than that.

Otherwise, you’ll feel too scattered – indeed you will be scattered. Choose markets and industries where you have connections, samples and, if possible, easy access to people who value your services.

Knowing your best markets will keep your marketing efforts focused and help you decide quickly whether to take random opportunities that arise.


#2: Marketing Works When You Set Measurable Goals

You know what you need to earn, right? If not, you should, and it must be specific and quantifiable.

Try setting monthly income goals with this formula: 3 projects @ $2,500/month = $7,500.

You won’t always reach these exact goals and they will probably evolve with time.

But without them, you have nothing to track against. 


#3: Marketing Works When You Track Your Results

With your goals in place, you can then track what clients actually pay you against them. Otherwise, it’s easy to ignore what is (or isn’t) coming in, especially when work slows down, which will happen.

Keep it simple by tracking one total number for the month or use the same formula: 2 projects @ $500 + 1 project @ $5000 = $5500.

This way, on the 15th of any month, if you aren’t yet half way to your income goal, you can accelerate your marketing to get there. 


#4: Marketing Works When You Know Where to Find Your Best Prospects

The most effective way to connect with your best prospects (i.e. those who value your services) is to meet them in real time and, if at all possible, in person.

Effective marketing is all about cultivating strong relationships with people you know and people who know you!

That’s why I recommend attending 1 monthly event in one of your target markets. 


#5: Marketing Works When You Are Patiently Persistent

The point is to keep your best prospects (those who are likely to become clients soon) top of your mind so you can be top of their mind.

Show your professionalism by staying in touch in the most personal and personalized way you can. And don’t be the one who drops the ball.


#6: Marketing Works When You Communicate through Content Marketing  

Not sure what to send out?

Start with an email newsletter, then add blog posts, videos, infographics and more.

Then use social media to distribute your content.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few content ideas to start with: 

  • Tips about how best to choose someone like you. 
  • Examples of how you’re helping people and companies just like them! 
  • Solutions to the problems you know they have. (That’s where having a focus comes in handy.) 


#7: Marketing Works When You Keep Your Online Presence Current

Always be adding new samples, case studies and testimonials to your web site, and update your core message as it evolves on your web site and/or LinkedIn profile. 


#8: Marketing Works When You Have a Plan and Keep it Handy 

Your marketing plan is like the accelerator in a car.

Anytime you need to ramp things up, you can just put your foot on the gas and get going toward your monthly income goal, without all the stress of starting from scratch. 

I’ll be showing lots of examples of how freelancers are using these tools to get rid of feast or famine and attract their ideal clients to build the business of their dreams at #FREECON19. 


>> Tickets to #FREECON19 are on sale now <<


I hope to see you there so we can explore more ways to make marketing work for you (instead of the other way around).  

About the Author:

Ilise Benun is the Founder Marketing Mentor, Podcaster at and The HOW Design Live podcast. Check out Ilise’s Quick Tips for more brilliant marketing strategies for freelancers right here!