They did a great job in selecting a name for their health insurance company, Decent is designing a set of health insurance benefits designed specifically for the freelance business owner that launches April 1, 2019. And yes, they have a solution for how to switch when the time comes … here’s what they have to say:

Freelancers should have great healthcare benefits that meet their unique needs. People who work for themselves have courage, eagerly embrace new challenges, and have chosen the path less traveled for themselves. We at Decent love this trailblazing mentality and embrace it.

Following your dreams may have sacrifices but your health shouldn’t be one of them.

Starting April 1, 2019, Decent will be offering members of the Texas Freelancers Association (TFA) in a comprehensive health plan designed exclusively with them in mind. Oh, and it’s on track to be 20% cheaper than any like plan on the ACA exchanges. Those who have enrolled in our plan will have access to the best primary care doctors in Austin at no per visit cost. In addition, TFA members will have comprehensive coverage for other physician services, hospital services, and pharmacy.

In addition to receiving comprehensive care, Freelancers will be rewarded for doing things that are good for them and good for the community. Like, getting an annual physical and flu shots.

We are thrilled to be serving the Austin market and look forward to a close relationship with our first members as they will be making meaningful contributions to improving the Decent health plan experience. Our goal is affordable healthcare for all and we are starting it all in Austin next year.

Molly Moore, Decent Health