April 17-21, 2023

Organize a Freelance Business Week in Your City!

National Freelance Business Week was created to highlight and support independent professionals across the country with local events hosted by people like yourself.

We call these events Freelance Business Week [City Name], or in short #FBW [City Name].

Your city has a unique vibe and culture to how you connect with other each other. The #FBW concept is designed to embrace your local freelance ethos by handing over the reins to you.

You will be given the playbook on how to create your event, the freedom to design your agenda the way you feel will work, and be supported by our team along with other city organizers.

Join local organizers in Asheville, Austin, Calgary, Denver, Houston, Miami, Tampa, and Washington DC.

Be the leader your local freelance community needs

  • Connect with other freelance community leaders across the country
  • Be highlighted nationally for the work you’re doing in your city
  • Introduce local business resources to your audience
  • Add a profit center to your freelance business

The Benefits of Becoming a #FBW City Organizer

Become a #FBW organizer and…

  • Be a freelance leader in your community.
  • Grow your network with other freelance professionals.
  • Leverage additional exposure in local press and media.
  • Be a growth catalyst for new and emerging freelancers.
How much time is required to organize a local #FBW event?

If you choose to host in-person local events the time needed will depend on how many sessions, what type of sessions and if you have help from your local community.

You will have access to a team of organizers that have experienced the process of hosting in-person events to help simplify the process and answer questions.

What are you responsible for as a city organizer?

Once you agree to take on organizing #FBW for your selected city you commit to being an engaged member of the organizing team.

You will be responsible for any expenses you agree to pay for (i.e. event spaces, advertising, food, etc).

We work together as a team to reduce costs, design sponsor programs you can sell locally and/or share costs where possible.

What does it cost to become a city organizer?

There is no up-front cost to becoming a city organizer. It is possible to completely organize an event at no additional cost, we help you design a sponsorship program that can potentially cover any expenses.

You can also charge for your local sessions on top of the cost to attend virtual sessions. All of the organizers decide together how the profit from virtual ticket sales will be used.

What if someone is already organizing an event in my city?

Consider joining the team already in your city. You may even want to consider offering to be a co-organizer. It is always helpful to have someone to work with to reach more local freelancers.