The Freelance Conference, aka #FREECON, is launching a local version of the event into multiple cities this year starting with Miami, Austin and Corpus Christi, Texas (with Los Angeles set for spring of 2020). These events will be called FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK (#FBW) followed by the city name, each city will have a local organization team and offer an opportunity for local freelance business owners to learn from their peers and connect – locally.

#FREECON will continue to exist as a one-day hands-on conference followed by a Tech Tuesday full of technology solution workshops and office hours. More on this in a bit.

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What is the difference?

FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK events will be a local community focused event. The organization team will pull together the best local speakers to create multiple days of talks, workshops, panel discussions and fireside chats along with a local Ignite Freelance event and more. One of our missions at #FREECON is to connect freelance business owners to solutions and resources to help them build their business, some of the best options are found right in our own neighborhoods.

#FREECON is The Freelance Conference in action. Once a year we invite a handful of amazing humans that come in and teach us all a thing or two – in person! It is the event where freelancers come to Austin and expand their strategic network, celebrate the success of our tribe at the Freelancer Choice Awards and find new friends that support you because they get you.

What will each event cost?

Keeping these events affordable is critical, our first priority is making sure that price is not the roadblock to attending a #FREECON or FREELANCE BUSINESS WEEK event. The ability to help attendees “move the needle” in their business is what drives us.

The local events will be a range in price starting at $25 for access to all of the sessions, with potentially additional pricing options for meals and special events. The annual conference will stay in the $150 – $300 range and will include lunch, all sessions and access to the local Austin events after the conference.