Our topic for today was: Freelance Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned

The conversation started off pretty sparse, but when it picked up the ball really got to rolling! Our top answers of the chat came from:

Sara Breuer ‏(@TheSaraBreuer): Q1 most valuable mistake? Not tying billing milestones to dates as well as deliverables. Now if client is slow I still bill. #freelancechat

NandoJourneyman (‏@NandoJourneyman): “Valuable” as in “lesson learned”? WRONG FIT (w/ clients, partners, volunteering, etc.). Get focus and say “No” a lot more #freelancechat

Kyle Bailey ‏(@thekylebailey): Starting on the wrong business. Because I started, I eventually found the right one. #startup #freelancechat

One message that came through from almost everyone regarding this topic of learning from our mistakes is how to set expectations, maintain boundaries and manage our time. Sara Breuer really stood out with her statement on outlining additional charges for clients that drag their feet. She also told me later that if they don’t agree to the fee structure upfront she knows they aren’t a good fit.

Finding clients that are a good fit was also a big trend of the conversation. Nando went with all caps to highlight how important this was for him as he grew his freelance business.

Kyle Bailey brought in an entirely new aspect to the conversation, finding the “right” business to even be in. He talked about documenting his business focus (pro and con lists) so that he was able to decipher what worked and what he enjoyed in order to find the business industry and focus he wanted.

I already can’t wait for next Monday, come join us from 2 to 3pm on Twitter. Not sure what a #FreelanceChat is? Here’s more detail and instructions >>

The questions for this chat were:

Q1. What is the most valuable mistake you’ve made as a freelancer? And then Why?

Q2. What actions did you take to correct your most valuable mistake?

Q3. How did your best mistake change your freelance business?

Q4. What were the lessons learned from your most valuable mistake?