Topic: Key Business Practices for Freelancers

One of the largest challenges for most freelancers, especially when starting out, is coming to the realization that unless their freelance business is treated like a business, the financial roller coaster ride may never see an end. Which is why this hot topic is brought up quite frequently. The work is out there, we just need to create consistency through structure, follow through and daily practice.

We put together a short list of questions to get the chat vibes rolling.

Q1: What structure or discipline have you implemented in your business to keep you accountable?

Q2: Have you embraced accounting by managing it yourself or have you delegated it out?

Q3: Freelancing can have its peaks and valleys, especially when getting started. How did you learn to manage cash flow?

We saw tech tips from @ChelleHoniker, Executive Director of @TXFreelance, that help her tackle accounting & time management.

Aha! Tweets from our very own Founder and seasoned freelancer, @EmilyLeach, that lead her straight into taking action!  All in that very brief hour of interaction.



Today’s chat just skimmed the surface of this ongoing discussion which we’ll be sure to continue in future chats.

We have deep appreciation for those who show up to share what they’ve learned and implemented along the way. What a gift we have in each other. A never ending and ever growing resource of freelance friends lending a hand whenever needed. Thank you.

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