Every year, more freelancers attend #FREECON. This is our fifth year and we’re excited to see it will be no exception. The way business is done is changing and we are leading the way, #FREECON provides business-skill specific programming to help attendees navigate the ins and outs of running a business.

You will learn from experts as well as peers on strategies in marketing, increasing your rates, attracting more work and how to simplify your business. All in a non-threatening and safe environment where everyone is embarking on learning new skills and making new connections.

When you attend #FREECON there is very little that is ordinary. You will not experience the overwhelm of throngs of people or a hall full of pushy vendors selling you something. We focus on your experience and the reason you came … content that will change your business for the better.

Don’t get me wrong the event is full, and we want to make sure you get everything you need out of it. Here it is, the guide you need to prepare for #FREECON.

1. Identify Your Why

Most freelancers attend #FREECON to meet new people they can relate too, that’s not a bad reason. There’s more for you to experience and take away from our time together.

I would ask you why you want to connect to people you relate to? Camaraderie is great, strategic relationships will bring more to you as a person and business owner. Maybe you need a mentor or someone that offers services you don’t (but could provide referral work too, and vice-versa). Take a moment to write down some notes on who you would like to meet and why.

2. Attend the Kick-Off Party

The #FREECON Kick-Off Party is a great way to ease into it all, we design this session to be interactive. We understand that walking into a room of people you don’t know may not be the most “safe” experience, so we changed the paradigm.

Upon arrival, you’ll be met by the reception team to grab your badge and chat it up a bit on the what, when and where of the evening. Grab a drink and some food before the interactive activities begin, each year we create a different experience with group-style games. What better way to connect with new people than to play together?

3. Get Small Group Business Mentoring at the Morning Business Huddle

The Morning Business Huddle is your opportunity to learn from the expert speakers in a small group setting. There is a ton to learn from our speakers from the stage, but even more when you can sit face-to-face and ask specific questions and engage in other attendees’ questions.

This may be one of the best ways to learn what you don’t know, as everyone in the room comes in with a different challenge. Our experts come equipped with the experience and understanding of how to guide you through a challenge quicker and with less pain than learning all on your own.

Spots are limited, so make sure you plan ahead and check the schedule on the #FREECON attendee app after you purchase your ticket.

4. Join the Freelance Revolution Online Community

Freelancers stay UNITED! The best way to stay connected is through consistent communication and engagement, #FREECON is launching its first online community complete with an iOS and Android app to keep you in touch with each other.

Before, during and after #FREECON there will be opportunities to work together, refer projects, share experiences and grow together. Joining the Freelance Revolution community is THE best way to stay connected and remembered.

5. Get Inspired by Your Peers (Possibly Around a Campfire)

#FREECON attracts some of the most influential and experienced freelance business owners. Our industry doesn’t shine as bright of a light on those paving this path before us, so we are.

We spend an entire year researching to find freelancers that are truly creating solutions to challenges we all face, and personally invite them to speak on our stage for you. Some decide to only attend, they come prepared to share and support however they can.

Don’t think you aren’t the inspiration for someone, because you are! You’re a part of this revolution by running your own freelance business and choosing the road once less traveled. That makes you a hero in our eyes.

6. Attend Workshops During TECH Tuesday

We have dedicated a day to technology solutions, TECH Tuesday. These aren’t vendor demos or sales pitches (although there may be a few amazing deals to take advantage of). We hand pick and personally invite each company, and then, we work with them to design a hands-on workshop to teach you how to use a piece of their platform.

We kick the day off with breakfast tacos (it’s kinda our tradition now) and jump right into it. There is an open coworking space available in the venue to allow you to stay on top of client work in between sessions. The entire day is modular, making it possible to go to as much or little as you want to.

Make sure to keep an eye on the schedule for #FREECON to see what will be covered this year.

7. Use the #FREECON Attendee App to Coordinate With Other Freelancers

Inside the #FREECON app, you will find a complete schedule for both days, once you purchase a ticket you can begin to put together a custom agenda of sessions you want to make sure to attend.

The attendee app will have special downloads and messages for registered users, notifications of any changes in sessions. The best part, you can see other people attending each session and begin to create that list of people you’d like to connect with while you’re at the conference.

8. Hire Help or Get Hired

#FREECON is a great place to find help with a project you’re doing or connect with companies looking to hire freelance help. Yep, we have companies (called community attendees) that attend for the sole purpose of finding freelancers to work with.

Make sure you’re ready for that moment. Have your website/portfolio up to speed and be proud to share it, get that digital business card setup (and old school paper business cards), and be ready to follow-up. Don’t let the connections go cold!

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