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Being a freelancer means many things:  The freedom to take on jobs as you see fit; work when and where you like; choose the clients you want to work with; ride the roller coaster of feast or famine business opportunities; and much, much more. As an entrepreneur and professional photographer, I understand the nuances of the freelance professional.

The one thing I have strived to do over the past several years was to find a way to level out the ups and downs of my business “cycle.” In this article, I share with you one product offering I have discovered (quite by accident, actually) that has done just that and has open doors to new business opportunities with my current and prospective clients.

So, what is this product I speak of? Digital business cards. Hold on, before you stop reading, allow me to share my experience with not just digital business cards, but custom-designed digital business cards that have allowed me to assist my clients in separating themselves from the crowd and creating a great first impression for them. You see, all digital business cards are not created equal. There are different types of cards that offer a variety of features and benefits to the user. Most cards will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Free self-built using a template with little to no customization allowed and limited features;
  • Free self-built using a template with limited customization allowed and limited features;
  • Paid self-built using a template with limited customization allowed and limited features;
  • Paid self-built using a template with limited customization allowed and full featured;
  • Paid custom-designed built by designers to meet client brand standards and full featured.

As a freelance graphic or web designer, you may pay special attention the last category listed above. It is here where I have spent the last few years developing a very nice “side business,” offering custom-designed digital business cards to business professionals (our brand is called Visness Cards). The “side business” has been so profitable, I dramatically reduced my photography efforts to focus on marketing and producing these custom-designed cards and developing software specifically for you to get into the business.

As of this writing, no one offers the product we provide to our clients. The reason is that in order to offer a custom-designed card, I had to piece together all the components, using five different pieces of software or programs to be able to put it all together. In other words, you have to be a developer or do the extra work, and most people don’t want to do the hard work or are not developers. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t take me hours to produce a card, but the steps and processes involved do get a bit tedious. So, I decided to develop my own software to reduce the steps and processes.

Before we get to our VisnessWare software, which can help you gain new and recurring revenues by offering custom cards, let’s take a look at why your current and prospective clients should consider adding a custom-designed digital business card to their marketing toolbox. Digital business cards, when done correctly:

  • Create a great first impression (wow factor!)
  • Separate cardholders from the crowd (differentiate)
  • Keep the cardholder “top of mind” (the icon sits on the phone’s home screen where you can’t help but see it)
  • Extend the cardholder’s reach (anyone can share the card)
  • Guarantee the cardholder will never be without their business card (card sits on their phone’s home screen – they always have their phone)
  • Are easy to use and share with others (so they will be used to increase referrals and can be shared via text, email, QR codes, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Changes are updated instantly (so those who have a card get the most recent version)
  • Save trees – eco-friendly (88% of all printed cards are thrown away within one week)
  • Link to anywhere on the web (think client’s web site or specific pages on their site)
  • Display video(s)

According to marketing expert, Mitch Joel, former President at Mirum Agency, a global advertising/marketing agency (, “the most coveted piece of real estate in business today is the home screen of a smartphone.” The challenge for businesses and organizations is getting their company and contact information on the home screen, where clients and prospects can view it, share it, and always have it ready access to their information. Thus, the custom-designed digital business card!

Ok, so back to the software product that can help grow your business. VisnessWare is our cloud-based software product that allows you to host, manage, and publish your own custom-designed digital business cards. The way it works is simple . . . your client fills out a simple set-up form linked to your VisnessWare account. You take that information and design a custom-designed card based on the client’s brand standard, and using the provided sizing requirements, using the design software of your choice. We use Photoshop, but you can use whatever works for you. And yes, you start with a blank canvas.  Once you have designed your card, upload it to your VisnessWare account, where you can preview the card and then publish it to the web — ready for your client to start using.

VisnessWare subscribers also receive access to our Digital Business Card University eCourses. These courses range from videos and webinar recordings on how to use the software, to tips on designing cards for maximum impact and a variety of marketing and operations materials we have used over the past few years. Additionally, we on-board every subscriber with a live video call and training session(s). We are committed to helping our clients grow their digital card business and, as such, will provide them guidance and advice as needed.  We want to start a custom-designed digital business card revolution and VisnessWare is the engine that will help us do that.

To see some examples of the Visness Cards (custom-designed digital business cards) we have produced for clients, visit

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Barry C. Donovan is a First Impression Warrior, whose company’s products and services help business professionals create great first and lasting impressions. He has been in the marketing profession since 1985, serving clients in a wide range of industries as well as the non-profit sector. He has served on the Dominican Foundation Board of Directors since 1992 and on the Board of Directors for Go Play of Colorado since 2017.

Barry is the author of the guides, “Best Practices In Business Networking,” and “Ultimate Guide to Creating A Great First Impression,”  available at, and hosts three business networking groups in the Denver area. He has a B.S. in Business Administration and Marketing from the University of Central Florida.

Barry was born and raised in upstate New York, spent 25 years living in Orlando, Florida and has been a resident of Colorado since 2008. He has two grown children who also live in Colorado.