I’ve run freelance businesses since 1992 … and I LOVE to try out new tech tools for my business (maybe a little too much)!

Although I have put together a pretty impressive technology stack that manages a lot of my business, I still wouldn’t say any of the attributes to my #1 success tool.

There is no question in my mind that the “thing” that has worked THE BEST  for me, without fail, was being engaged in my community. Being surrounded by people that were facing the same roadblocks as me and winning the fight. What served me and my business the best was no “thing” at all … it was people.

Not just any people, I looked for humans that I resonated with, that challenged me to be better and those that had walked this road less traveled before me. Have you found your tribe?

If you need help finding your local community, take a moment and respond to this email – maybe I can help. Everything we do inside of The Freelance Conference and Freelance Business Week is designed to celebrate you and invite the freelance tribe to come together … locally … virtually … and globally.

You can also look for a Freelance Business Week in your area, get involved, see how you and your business change for the better.