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A National holiday
That celebrates You!

dFreelancers Like you Now Have A National Holiday!

In 2021 our founder, Emily Leach applied for a National holiday designation and got it, making the third week of April National Freelance Business Week. The pandemic of 2020-2021 forced us to go fully virtual both years, we learned a lot. All of the city organizers began to work together and create a collaborative virtual event, now that we’re moving out of the pandemic it’s time to pull back in the work each of these local city organizers has missed – in-person, local events.

In 2022 #NFBW provide a fully virtual event with content all five days, April 18-22 and ten local city organizers are creating local, in-person events in Austin, Denver, Houston, Tampa, Miami, Calgary, Washington D.C., and Asheville.

Each local #NFBW event is made up of a wide variety of session topics and types aimed at helping freelance business owners engage with their peers and grow. The event is designed, organized, and brought to life by and for freelancers.

Our Mission

Our mission as a National Holiday for Freelance Business Week is to reach and support the growth of freelance business owners where they are … in your city! We believe every freelancer needs strategic partners they can collaborate with, peers to brainstorm innovative solutions, and friends that understand the ups and downs of a one-person business owner.

The #NFBW founder, Emily Leach, learned through her experience building the largest localized freelance community in the U.S. and building a worldwide conference that freelance business owners are more successful when they are in an active, local community.

Changing a paradigm

Hustling 24/7 and working alone is has been worn like a badge of honor to the detriment of a lot of individuals’ emotional well-being, families, and happiness. Being a freelance business owner does not have to mean you’re doing it all alone, we want you in our community. We want to share in your successes and support you through your challenges. Having both local and nationwide connections will change the dynamic of your business.

#NFBW is designed to facilitate connections, growth, and skills while celebrating the work you are doing as a freelance business!