This summer, the people behind the Freelancer’s Conference are taking to 4 cities in Texas, to talk about the “Future of Work” each with three unique topics specifically designed to discuss topics that are pertinent to freelancers.  The first talk was held in Austin and discussed in general terms, what the Future of Work meant to the 4 panellists.

Brought together from varying walks of life, Elijah May, moderator extraordinaire, founder of The Experience Firm and the man behind the experience at #FREECON17. Will Staney, founder of Proactive Talent Strategies,  has a background in big companies like SAP and is now working to help the freelance world and the corporate world meet in the middle.  Rachel Braunstein is a big wig up in Microsoft’s Seattle offices but got her MBA from UT. Right now she’s moving and shaking things up in the field of remote working. Paul O’Brien is the tech junky of the group getting his start at Yahoo and now making the foray into the VC world. Don Tracy has a massive background in public policy and is using his knowledge of the public sector and of freelancing to help make ACC and local companies work better together while being inclusive with freelancers.

The biggest question that was asked at this particular talk was, “What does the Future of Work look like to you?”. Great question and with such a variety of panellist you’d expect varied answers which they definitely provided but that they all seemed to agree on was that the world is moving away from the strict in office 9-5 and more towards a remote engagement world where people can be working from where they want when they want. As Rachel pointed out, due to the advancement of technology, we are now capable of having face to face interactions without ever being in the same room, city, country or even continent. So for those that prefer the stability of 9-5 they can work in offices but those that want to have more freedom, as Paul calls it, they can work from anywhere and still remain connected which, he also pointed out could be a blessing and a curse.

The group also agreed that the future of work was dependent on an influx of creativity from individuals who could use the knowledge that being constantly connected provides and then make something new from that. Creating new ideas and spaces within the confines of the Internet of Everything and then expanding upon it. I could go into so much more detail but watch the video. The panel has some very interesting takes.