More than 55 million Americans are freelancers — a full 35 percent of our workforce, according to the 2016 Freelancing in America report. And contrary to enduring myths, it’s not because “they can’t find a job” — it’s a conscious choice based on freedom and empowerment.

79 percent of freelancers believe freelancing is a better situation than traditional employment. Half, in fact, say there’s no amount of money that would get them to replace their current situation with a traditional job.

Today we’re chatting with Emily Leach, a former freelancer who has made it her mission to empower freelancers to go beyond conventional jobs and create businesses from unique vantage points and perspectives. She is the founder of the Texas Freelance Association, the first statewide association of freelance workers in the country, and The Freelance Conference, which she hopes will become the premiere conference for freelancers across the nation.

Her belief is that those working for themselves deserve the same respect as those working for major corporations. This is what drives her tireless fight to ensure this growing population of the “genetically unemployable” (yes, those are her words) are represented and offered some of the same opportunities as those working for large corporations.

Listen in to hear Emily’s perspective on where freelancing is at, and where it’s going. And if you enjoy the episode, please leave a rating over at iTunes by visiting Thank you!